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Sanctuary Living Ltd - Sandhurst Club Victoria


We are a development company with over 30+ years’ successful experience in creating master planned communities designed specifically to maximise the lifestyle and leisure components of living or ‘club living’ as we call it.

We are building the largest community in the region – all just around the corner from major shopping, restaurants, marinas and essential community facilities.

These types of projects are not new to us. We are the club living experts with a history of creating very special, multi award winning communities. Three prior projects incorporate the club living features we are planning here. That’s why we know living at Whitsunday Green will be special.

The journey has commenced, and we are fully committed. It won’t all happen in a day. It will take time and effort. That’s why we will never over promise. That’s why we intend to be judged by our actions, not words. Come and see us at work. Watch the changes, see the improvements, see our Club establish, watch our community grow.

To find out more about who we are and our extensive experience, go to www.sanctuaryliving.biz.



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