Planning a golfing holiday with the whole family?

It seems like quite a task to find the perfect destination for both the young and young at heart. After all, golf can be a demanding sport with tight routines, time pressures and high expectations to keep pace with the game.

But if you’re looking for a golfing holiday that your family will love, why not try out a Par 3 Golf Course such as ours at Whitsunday Green? This type of golf course is extremely accessible, inclusive and all about having fun. It gives everyone a chance to play at a relaxed pace and truly take time to enjoy each other’s company.

Let’s take a look at why this golf course is a fantastic choice for families.

First things first, what’s a par?

For the uninitiated, a par is defined as the number of strokes an experienced golfer normally takes to complete a particular hole. The shorter the hole’s distance, the lower the par. A usual golf course has 18 holes with a mix of par 3s, par 4s and par 5s.

A Par 3 golf course differs from the traditional, larger golf courses, by consisting only of the shorter par 3. Most holes are typically no longer than 130m, usually requiring only a couple of strokes before putting out on the green.

With its shorter length, it takes significantly less time to complete a game than a typical round of golf. And since you’ll not be playing long shots, you can spend less time searching for balls and more time working on your swings and putts.

A Par 3 is a Party

Whether you are a seasoned player, budding amateur or just looking to feel the green, a Par 3 course such as ours offers something for everyone. Being shorter than traditional courses, you and your family can get more action out of the turf by walking less, hitting more and putting balls quicker.

For a great score on a par 3 golf course, doing well with irons, wedges and the putter is key. For a seasoned player, the additional repetitions with these clubs mean more practice on your short game, which of course helps to improve your overall game.

As for beginners and young ones, a smaller course also means that action happens quick and fast. They won’t be waiting long till it’s their turn again to take a shot, or walking long distances between shots. Shorter distances also feel less daunting, giving new golfers more confidence to take that swing.

A more relaxed round of golf also provides greater opportunity to soak up the natural surroundings. If you’re looking for a par 3 golf course that’s surrounded by gorgeous greenery, deep blue sea and mountains, look no further than Whitsunday Green. Our 9 hole/18 tee course offers fun yet challenging holes that range from 50m to 90m.

Whitsunday Green’s picturesque golf course is perfect for a fun-filled family retreat. It’s an inclusive course for golfers of all ages that rewards both seasoned players and young beginners. Plus, private golf lessons are also available for those in the family who want to improve their game.

More Bang for your Buck

A common misconception is that golf is expensive and only accessible to the wealthy. Par 3 golf courses, being the smaller cousin of traditional full-sized courses, cost much less to build and maintain. This allows operators to price it more competitively than their larger cousins.

The smaller course also means that you can choose to walk from hole to hole and save on golf cart rentals. With lower Green Fees, golfing also becomes a lot more accessible for a family or larger group.

The Green Fees for Whitsunday Green’s golf course ranges from just $15 (weekday) or $20 (weekend and holidays) for 9 holes or $20 to $25 for 18 holes. You can even rent clubs for $5 so you don’t have to prepare additional equipment before your holiday. What’s more, there are special promotions such as our Play & Picnic Family Package available to sweeten your trip.

Less is More

According to Golf Digest, more than 40% of all golf strokes are made with just one club – the putter – and 60% of all strokes are taken from within 100 meters of the pin. A par 3 golf course gives experienced golfers a great opportunity to focus specifically on your short game – you’ll see a stark improvement in your chipping and putting form in no time.

So whether you are looking for a memorable day out with friends or a getaway with the family that everyone will enjoy, the par 3 golf course at Whitsunday Green makes for the perfect destination.

Don’t forget to visit our Clubhouse Cafe after your round, where tall tales of perfect putts and champion chips can be traded over a wide selection of delicious treats and thirst-quenching drinks for all ages. Oh, don’t forget to ask for our mid-week specials!

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